Role of Bond Counsel

At Rubin & Hays, our experience allows us to minimize the time and effort our clients need to commit to developing and implementing a finance plan.

Normally, our initial step in any transaction is to personally meet with the client to receive preliminary information about their project and financing needs. We explain the legal steps involved in a bond financing and outline an interim financing plan, if necessary. From there, we collaborate with the client’s financial and technical advisors to develop a proposed time and events schedule. We also review alternative financing methods, like variable rate bonds versus fixed.

After the financing plan has been determined, we draft the legal documentation to implement the plan and review it with local counsel, the financial advisor, the underwriter, the issuer, the rating agencies, and the bond insurance companies. Once a sale is complete, we finalize all documentation, prepare closing certifications, and review any investment agreements. When all parties are satisfied, Rubin & Hays closes the bond issue and deliver the bonds to the bond trustee for delivery to the purchaser.

After closing, we prepare a complete transcript of all bond documentation for dissemination to the issuer and all members of the financing team. As is our policy, Rubin & Hays remains available to serve the needs of the client after closing, to answer questions from the issuer/borrower or to deal with any lingering issues.