Firm Overview

Rubin & Hays is nationally recognized for our innovative approach to managing complex transactions.

Rubin & Hays traces its roots back to the early 1960s, when founding partners Joseph R. Rubin and Franklin P. Hays established Rubin, Trautwein & Hays.  A decade later, renamed simply Rubin & Hays, the firm concentrated its practice in banking, finance, and municipal bond law.  Today, we are proud to claim over 95 years of combined experience in those fields.

Rubin & Hays has served as bond counsel, tax counsel, and underwriter’s counsel for countless state, county, and city agencies since its inception, which means we have experience in most financing structures currently used throughout the United States.

From elementary schools to universities; coal mines to hospitals; convention centers to affordable housing; courthouses to jails; and water and sewer plants to electric cogeneration facilities and renewable energy, Rubin & Hays has extensive experience as bond, tax and underwriter’s counsel.  For our clients, we have utilized revenue backed debt, tax supported obligation, lease appropriation debt, interest rate swaps, and the conversion of short-term to long-term financings through the issuance of new bonds and/or the remarketing of existing ones.

Today, Rubin & Hays’ attorneys continue the firm’s mission as a leader and innovator in municipal bond and public finance law.