Our Philosophy

⦁ Determine the Client’s Goals
⦁ Identify the Most Efficient Method of Achieving Those Goals
⦁ Finalize the Transaction Quickly and Effectively

At Rubin & Hays, we strive to serve our clients and help them reach their desired goal through legal, cost-effective means. Some of our greatest assets are our firm’s compact size, our focus on municipal finance, and our ability to act quickly toward resolving any issue.  Our attorneys have the freedom to carefully review and analyze each client’s financing needs.

Most borrowers issue bonds only once every five years. During that time, changes in administration and staff most likely take place, as well as revisions to Federal and state laws and regulations. Because of this, we believe it is essential for us, the bond counsel, to develop a solid working relationship with the borrower and its local counsel, financial advisor, underwriter, and professional consultant.

Communicating our role is crucial.  That’s why we conduct face to face meetings with all parties involved in financing a project. We answer questions about how municipal bonds are issued and outline strategies and structures to be used to achieve the lowest cost of financing.